We offer workplace mindfulness initiatives across corporations, hospitals and health care centres.

Our approach integrates mindfulness- and compassion-based practices to inspire intentional living.  It grounds mindfulness practice as the catalyst in driving more meaningful and valued choices that enhance well-being.


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We work with you and your team to prioritize wellness while maintaining productive, efficient and effective work processes.




Learning and embodying mindfulness is an essential practice for intentional living, and a cornerstone of our approach. First-hand experience is the best way to learn mindfulness. Our teachings and programs stem directly from the foundational practice of Mindfulness Meditation and focus on its’ practical application to everyday life.

What is mindfulness?

Being mindful is being aware of your present moment experience in a nonjudgmental manner. By observing both your internal and external experiences ‘in the moment’ you are stepping back and watching thoughts, feelings and sensations as they arise, without an expectation or mandate to change them. Mindfulness can be thought of as a way of experiencing the world not something that you ‘do’.


We embrace and implement a science-based approach to wellness. Our programs incorporate a diversity of field research and practices - from neuroscience and psychology to evidence-based techniques in mindfulness and compassion - to offer you an integrative method for making the most effective wellness-informed decisions.

Science-based approach:

Empirical evidence shows that mindfulness-based interventions change brain structure and function, facilitate positive change and promote fuller engagement with life. With experience, mindfulness and compassion practice are shown to improve focus, working memory and reduce stress and negative affect (low mood states) [1]. Positive psychology and life coaching complement our approach by emphasizing skill development in value-identification [2].


Living with compassion generates affirming thoughts & promotes a positive state of mind. We enhance the qualities of compassion - presence, connectedness & kindness - as foundations for intentional living. They're integrated into all our offerings to encourage the development of meaningful relationships with self & others.

What is compassion?

Compassion is an emotional response combined with an authentic desire to help when one perceives the suffering of another. Being compassionate is being present, connected and loving toward yourself and others and is fostered by honouring and accepting everyone’s humanness, without criticism or judgment.

How can we help you?

 We demonstrate the most practical ways to integrate our approach into actionable, positive results in both professional and personal lives.

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We are focused on the whole person and the whole team.


We approach every encounter with genuine attention and interest.


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We empower you to create a foundation for wellness.


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“From guided meditations to mindful eating, my awareness was raised through the Stillspace workshops and I more easily and naturally paid attention to and managed the day-to-day demands of my life.”

Alison B., Finance Manager / Toronto

“Since the mindfulness and meditation workshop, I feel that I am getting overwhelmed less and less and have a better time managing my stress.”

Alysa N., Psychotherapist / Toronto

“I appreciated the variety of techniques that were introduced, such as the body scan, walking meditation, mindful eating, all new ways to help me find balance and really try and live in the moment. ‎ Overall, it was a very positive experience!”

Jasmine R., Account Manager / Toronto

“The mindfulness workshop really helped me refocus and prioritize what is most important to me, including myself. It also provided me with alternatives on how to deal with stressful situations and to reflect on my experiences on an ongoing basis. Thank you Stillspace!”

Angela W., Director of Consulting / CGI


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